American Classic Agency ("ACA") was established in 1995. At a time when the insurance industry’s top organizations were cutting back on customer service and sales support, ACA emerged as a fresh new player, bridging the gap with more personal attention, training and dedicated support while harnessing the power of e-commerce to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. ACA celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of our committed, independent, life insurance agents across the country by providing them with the tools they need to succeed under one banner. 

Through our extensive national agency network, we have helped hundreds of thousands of hard-working American families protect against the unexpected. We assist them in planning for their future financial needs and long term goals through their retirement years with personalized products including living benefit life insurance, annuity and senior products such as long term care, final expense and Medicare supplemental insurance.


As a long-term leader of providing life insurance, living benefits and savings solutions, American Classic Agency "ACA" provides over 1,000 financial associates with the products, tools and infrastructure they need to put clients first.

We wake up every morning knowing that today's work is going to put us that much closer to a first-class, all-expenses-paid family vacation in Europe or Hawaii. Or that we are in the hunt for several hundred or even several thousand dollars in bonus money. It's a great feeling and a fantastic motivator that just doesn't exist for most independent business owners.

Earn cash over and over off the same sales! Agents earn monthly bonuses every month based on their production and commission earned. We also currently have a Quarterly and Annual CASH bonus program for all paid fixed life production at all of our core carriers. Annual bonuses are also available on top of the quarterly bonuses and managers can receive bonuses passed on their downline activity.


One of the most popular incentives American Classic Agency offers is our Classic Club Ring. As you achieve certain levels in your career you will be rewarded with a gold company signet ring and subsequent diamonds to signify your accomplishments.

Love to travel? There is always a free vacation waiting for you to qualify for. American Classic Agency and its affiliates sponsor regular contests awarding world class vacation packages and other prizes for our premier producers and builders. Luxury cruises, European, Caribbean & South Pacific getaways are just some of the exclusive travel prizes our agents have won or are currently competing to win.


If you are looking to get into management then look no further. One of our primary business objectives is to empower our agents to build teams and become managers. From your very first day with ACA you have the opportunity to start building a team and receive the rewards associated with being a mentor and a manager.

That means you can start receiving management overrides immediately. When you bring a new person into the business you can receive an override on all of the business that they write. The calculation is quite simple. Your override is the difference between your commission level and their commission level.

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