Times are changing! The digital era has arrived and is not going anywhere.  At ACA we are targeting digital leads through social media and taking advantage of web search engines to increase our digital footprint in the world.

Leads are the lifeblood of this business, and the American Classic Agency direct mail lead system is one of the great advantages that we have over our competitors. Imagine having qualified prospects delivered to your inbox daily, giving you more time to do what you do best – sell! 

At American Classic Agency, we’ve learned that speed is a very essential ingredient to helping our agents increase their sales and their commissions. ACA agents enjoy being able to call fresh leads, distributed daily, so that they can be the first one in the door and begin a long and profitable relationship with their new client.


ACA agents are taught how to use their leads to create more leads, by gathering referrals and cross-selling additional products such as annuities, long term care, and Medicare Supplements. This ensures that no money is ever left on the table, and that ACA agents are developing clients that will be with them for life. 

Call today for information about how our superior and proven lead systems can help you generate more sales efficiently, and take your business to a whole new level!

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