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One of the key ingredients for success in the insurance and financial services industry is training, along with on-going support. Time after time, agents find themselves disappointed when they begin working with a new agency, and quickly find that very little if any training and support is provided to them.


We will help you notify all of your contacts of your new position. We offer you committed ACA training sessions. We give you hands on field training and results. We provide you access to vendors to prepare you for your state required licensing examinations.


American Classic Agency understands the value and importance of proper training, and we work with our agents to ensure that they are provided everything that they need to become masters of our product portfolio and our sales processes. 

Working in conjunction with our carriers and our field managers, ACA agents are provided access to numerous training opportunities on a daily basis.  While many trainings are conducted in a classroom setting or in the field with our experienced pros, many trainings are available via the internet, and can be accessed right from the comfort of your own home or office. 


It is not uncommon for agents to exclaim that they learn more from ACA after one day of training than they learned in 6 months of experience with another company! So take the plunge and give us a call to learn more about how we can custom design a training program that will fit your unique needs. We’d love to show you what so many other agents have learned, which is that the training and support offered by American Classic Agency is the best in the industry!


You’re busy selling, and the last thing you want to worry about is all of the administrative work that surrounds meeting a prospect, making a sale, and delivering a policy. Between our regional field managers and our home office team, every American Classic Agency agent has an army of people working behind the scenes to provide support through out the entire process. In addition every ACA agent is provided with a list of contacts for managers, home office, and even resources within our partner carriers, to provide them numerous levels of support. 

Let us show you how being in business for yourself does not mean that you’re in business by yourself.  With our dedicated army of personnel proactively watching your back at all times, you’ll have the comfort of never feeling alone while you utilize the ACA system to build your career and your legacy.

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